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What makes 3M Fasara Glass Finishes the superior choice?

All the beauty and benefits of decorative glass in a flexible and cost-effective window film

The advantages of etched, cut, sandblasted, textured and other decorative glass designs are clear: privacy can be established while light still pours from room to room, creating an open feel. The challenge is to achieve these effects and still remain within budget. It’s possible, with 3M Fasara Glass Finishes.

3M Fasara Glass Decorative films offer a diverse range of creative options for decorating glass with dynamic effects that can be tailored to suit individual tastes and styles. These high quality window films are constructed from durable polyester with a decorative matte surface. They are ideal for creating privacy and enhancing interior designs with over 50 exclusive textures, patterns, and designs. Fasara films can also be customized to showcase your brand or reflect a specific design aesthetic.

Fasara creates a beautiful etched-glass appearance at a fraction of the expense and with additional benefits. Light is dispersed softly, rendering an elegant, tranquil atmosphere for glass partitions, walls, and windows. In addition to their superior end results, Fasara films are easy to adapt, apply and maintain.



Exceptional Durability
Constructed from flexible polyester which provides a low-gloss, non-reflective surface that remains durable year after year.

Easy to Apply
3M expertise in adhesives ensures fast, accurate, beautiful and durable application to a variety of glass substrates. Our 3M Authorized Applicators perform on-site installation with minimal disruption.

Easy to Maintain
Fasara is easy to clean and maintain while also being highly resistant to fingerprints and other stains.

A Warranty You Can Trust
Fasara Decorative Glass Finishes are backed by a five-year 3M warranty. As the industry leader in adhesives, you know you can trust the 3M name.



Quickly and easily transform interior environments
3M Fasara™ Decorative Glass Finishes transform plain glass, capturing the look of cut or textured glass at a fraction of the price. They are available in more than 50 unique textures, finishes and designs.

Easy to Customize
Some 3M Fasara Glass Finishes can be cut and layered to create vibrant and dynamic effects, making it easy to incorporate high-quality custom graphics to help create environments that connect your customer to your brand.

Fasara easily conforms to flat surfaces so you can adapt for the amount of privacy your space needs. The material itself is amazingly flexible and easy to apply. Best of all, the product can be removed and reapplied to accommodate branding or design changes, all without removing existing glass or windows or compromising the integrity of the glass.

Fade reduction
UV rays account for 40% of the cause of fading. Fasara Decorative Glass Finishes eliminate up to 99% of harmful UV rays thereby significantly reducing fading. It also reduces glare.

Improve privacy and aesthetics with cost-effective Fasara Glass Finishes from 3M
When applied to glass, 3M Fasara Glass Finishes films create a serene‚ etched-glass appearance‚ reminiscent of the rice paper partitions used in Japanese culture for centuries to divide interior spaces. Originally developed for the Asian market‚ Fasara films offer the opportunity to experience the serenity of Japanese culture through the innovative technology you have come to expect from 3M.

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